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The following answers frequently asked questions, how to enter, and common reasons why a film is not accepted.

Who is allowed to enter?
Everyone from anywhere around the world.

When do the judges' results release?
Throughout November, into December. All results are released onto our Facebook page. Winners will be contacted shortly after.

Can I submit more than one film?
Yes. All entries will be considered.

Can I submit an entry I had submitted into an early 15 Second Horror Film Challenge season?

Can I upload/share my entry elsewhere before the Halloween premiere?
Yes. There's no disqualifications for sharing your work at any time.

Does 15 Second Horror Film Challenge acquire the rights to my entry?
We do not acquire exclusive rights, however, by submitting into the contest you grant non-exclusive exhibition rights for us to reproduce/remix work into promo trailers, as well as screen your work at conventions. All directors are credited.

Can I have extra time to include opening/closing credits?
No. All filmmakers only have fifteen seconds.

Can I include credits within my fifteen seconds?
Although not recommend, yes.


What we need from you:
- Your entry's file.
- Your director credit.

What is compatible:
- .mp4 and .mov work best!
- Incompatible file types are .mpeg and .wmv
Ideal resolution is 1080 or 720.
- 4K not accepted.


What is allowed:
Violence, gore, explicit language.

Content not allowed:
- The "Monster under my bed, monster inside my bed" two-sentence horror creepypasta. We've received a handful each year, In 2017, we received our most eloquent and unanimously acclaimed rendition "Good Night!" by LUMA Films. In light of its success, we've retired the 'Monster under my bed, inside my bed' remakes from any further competitions.
- Malicious by nature material (racist, sexist, hateful etc).
- Explicit sexual violence. 
- Nudity.
- Sexual innuendo towards children.

Narratives not allowed: uploads, horror make-up selfies, trailers.

Content that will be under review:
Sexual violence.

Narratives that will be under review:
Films with unclear narratives or experimental films.