Andrew J.D. Robinson is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder/festival programmer of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge; a nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits.

Skin Deep (2015)
Best Short Film
Los Angeles CineFest June 2015

Knock Knock (2015)
Ranked 8th out of 200 entries
15 Second Horror Film Challenge

ChatGurl (2016)
Ranked 24th out of 450 entries
15 Second Horror Film Challenge
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Sightings (2017)
"Best of Robinson's yet." - The Rotting Zombie
"Fantastic." - Lestat Horror
"Excellent job." - The Slaughtered Bird

A Walk Home Alone (2017)
"It's simple yet effective and shows how to execute a horrifying story
without fancy effects, a bloated budget, or long run time." - Pophorror
"Cold shock." - TTF13
"TERRIFIC! A Walk Home Alone is a fresh
and original style for a thriller short." - DecayMag
"I was shouting at the screen." - Lestat Horror
"Avoids doing the expected, and is all the better for it." - The Rotting Zombie

Placebo (2017)
"MUST SEE! Brillant cinematography and subject make Placebo a gem." - DecayMag
"Simple yet incredibly effective." - Morbidly Beautiful
"As clever as it is profound." - TTF13
"Drives the point home beautifully." - The Slaughtered Bird
"An effective zinger." - The Rotting Zombie
"It will stay in your mind for days." - Lestat Horror
"Totally worth a watch!" - (re)SearchMyTrash

Something Scary (2017)
"A fresh idea." - DecayMag
"Karson has natural talent." - Lestat Horror
"Cleverly written." - (re)SearchMyTrash

Beauty Sleep (2014)
"Quality acting, high production value."  - TheKingofHorror
"Stylistic, hypnotic." - Wicked Horror
"Great grasp of the power of visual media." - Real Guy Reviews
"Neat visual effects and manipulation of sound." -
"A wild ride." - Grave Plot Podcast
"One particular jump scare had me in shock." - CaseyMovieMania

Morbidly Beautiful (November 2017)
DecayMag (September 2017)
Indie Horror Online (September 2017)
Nerdbastards (November 2016)
(re)SearchMyTrash (November 2014) (July 2014)
MetroNews Ottawa (March 2014)